School of Law

School of Law

Dr Alphonse Muleefu

Name : Dr Alphonse Muleefu
Position : Senior Lecturer, School of Law & Ag. Director of Research and Post-Graduate Studies (DRPGS-CASS).
Office: Kigali - Nyarugenge Campus and Huye at CASS Headquarters. Mobile Phone: +250788890883 Email:;

Dr Alphonse Muleefu has a Doctor’s Degree in Law (PhD) and LLM in International and European Public Law: specialization International Law and Human Rights from Tilburg University – Netherlands, and LLB from the National University of Rwanda. He is a holder of certificates in International Criminal Law from Leiden University, Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies (The Hague, Netherlands), International Criminal Investigations from the Institute for International Criminal Investigations (IICI) (The Hague – Netherlands) and Transitional Justice from the International Center for Transitional Justice (ICTJ), Francophone Fellowship Program (Rabat – Morocco). In 2004 and 2005, Dr. Muleefu, worked as a Research Student and Legal Researcher at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) and from March to September 2006, he was a Legal Intern at the Victims Participation and Reparation Section (VPRS) of the International Criminal Court (ICC). Prior to joining the School of Law, he worked as a Legal Officer in the National Service of Gacaca Courts and as a member of civil society. He is currently a Lecturer and the Acting Director of Research and Post-graduate Studies (DRPGS) at the University of Rwanda – College of Arts and Social Sciences (UR-CASS). His research interest is in Gacaca Courts and Transitional Justice in general, International Criminal Law, Laws of War (International Humanitarian Law) and human rights (victims' rights in particular).  

Areas of research interest:
- International Law
- Laws of War/International Humanitarian Law
- Human Rights
- Transitional Justice
- Gacaca
- International Criminal Law
- Police
- Collateral damage
- Reparations
- Alphonse Muleefu, Reparation for Victims of Collateral Damage: A Normative and Theoretical Inquiry (Wolf Legal Publishers, 2014) 208 - Alphonse Muleefu, ‘Beyond the Single Story: Rwanda’s Support to the March 23 Movement (M23)’ (2013) 5:1 Winter Issue, Amsterdam Law Forum 106-120 (opinion article) 15 - Felix Mukwiza Ndahinda and Alphonse Muleefu ‘Revisiting the Legal, Socio-Political Foundations and (Western) Criticisms of Gacaca Courts’ in T. Bennett and others (editors) African Perspectives on Tradition and Justice (Intersentia, 2012) 18 - Alphonse Muleefu, ‘The role of civil society in addressing problems faced by victims of the 1994 genocide’, in Letschert et al. (eds) (2011), Victimological Approaches to International Crimes: with a Focus on Africa (Intersentia, 2011) 411-436:26 - Roelof Haveman & Alphonse Muleefu, ‘Gacaca and fair trial’ in: Dawn Rothe et al (eds.) Crimes of the State (Rutgers University Press 2010) 22 Miscellaneous: - Alphonse Muleefu, ‘Presentation: Reparation for victims of collateral damage’ in the Newsletter of Criminology and International crimes Vol.9, nr.2, December 2014 - Don John O. Omale, Restorative Justice and Victimology: Euro-Africa Perspectives (Wolf Legal Publishers, 2013 Book Review) - Alphonse Muleefu, ‘The civil society and addressing problems of victims of international crimes’ in the Newsletter of Criminology and International Crimes, [Supranational Criminology, Vol. 7, nr. 1 June 2012] - Rwanda: National Victimization Survey. This project was aimed at understanding the consequences of a crime from a victim’s perspective. The report was published in collaboration with the United Nations Office against Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and the Rwanda National Public Prosecution Authority (NPPA)  
- Transitional Justice at LLM in International Criminal Justice and Law of Human Rights (ICJ& LHR)
- International Humanitarian Law at LLM in International Criminal Justice and Law of Human Rights (ICJ& LHR)
- Police and Human rights at LLM in International Criminal Justice and Law of Human Rights (ICJ& LHR)
- Rule of Law and Public Security at MA in Conflict Transformation and Security Studies
- International legal and justice systems at MA in Peace and Conflict Studies
Other activities:
Transitional Justice Study Trips Coordinator.

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